Missoula, Montana a last minute, end of the summer trip to cowboy country. We spent all spring practicing our line dancing and now it was time to apply what we’d learned. I spent the afternoon after arrival shopping and walking around the downtown area of Missoula, the Rodeo didn’t start until 7pm and I didn’t need to be early.
The Rodeo was located within the county fair. I didn’t realize this when I picked this Rodeo from the PRCA website. I figured if you were in the Pro Rodeo circuit it would be a little bigger than a livestock show in a county fair. Then again, these were little towns, so this might be a big event by comparison.
It was fun to watch all the different events that makes up a Rodeo. I recognized somethings, I’m convinced I’ve been to one in the cowpalace when I was really young. Not many people in attendance and most of the shop owners, asking why I was in town, didn’t even know about the Rodeo. GD Hollywood turning everyone into gangstas and socialites. Why can’t they just all be country stereotypes?
I woke up and drove my rental convertible Camaro SS up to Glacier National Park. Glad to have the horsepower for when I needed to pass up a hill and excited for the convertible for when I wanted to stand up in the car and take a picture over the railing in the road.
I drove out to the “Going-to-the-sun” road and took pictures every few miles. It was a challenge to find a pull-out that was empty. The park charged $25 minimum to visit the grounds. The pass was good for a month but what about day passes for passenger vehicles. I swear I paid the family of 12 with a Winnie price! I was tempted to try to sell it back by the entrance for half price, everyone wins.
I’m supposed to be wow’d and enamored by the scenic landscape but all I think is “this looks like Tahoe” or “this looks like Yosemite.” Don’t get me wrong, the drive was amazing and it was fun to go at my own pace, pull over when I wanted to…skip ahead when I didn’t. The smell reminded me of summer in Tahoe/Yosemite. Very worth the all day trip.
Cliche? What about the Prius with California plates doing 23mph in a 30mph (assuming that’s where he gets the most out of his battery according to his dash reading). It was fun to play dress up and look like a cowgirl.
   Montana is big, I fully intend to make two trips (and Wyoming as well) I’m thinking next time, fly into Jackson Hole, check out ole faithful and cruise up to Billings for an arena Rodeo. Maybe this time in a car that doesn’t make me feel like I’m a child without a booster seat.


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